Basic Cisco UCCE 10.5 Deployment Self Study Kit

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Basic Cisco UCCE 10.5 Deployment Self Study Kit

World's First Cisco Unified 10.5 Self Study Kit, design to help any one with basic Cisco Unified Communication knowledge to learn, deploy and configure Cisco UCCE 10.5 Platform.   Cisco Unified CCE 10.5 Lecture on Video will give you the concept you need to understand what and how Cisco Unified CCE 10.5 Operates and how its component interact with each other.   Chapters are divided into smaller section to help you understand the topic with lab demonstration.  Our self study kit was designed to help you get a UCCE solution running in no time.   Cisco Unified CCE 10.5 ResourceKIT is a collection video labs that will show you how to install, configure, and maintain a Cisco Unified CCE 10.5 with CVP or IP IVR Solutions.   Each lab can be from 5 minutes to 30 minutes that explains the step that are taken and why and hwo to implement it.   There are upto 17+ labs in this set.  Cisco Unified CCE  Lab Guide is a PDF file that contains step by step instructions on how to configure these labs.  This is the file you will use to do your own practice. 


downloadarrow Step by Step Video Lectures & Lab Guide downloadarrow Email Support from CCIE Instructor
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downloadarrow Simplex Design Easy to Install and Configure in a home/lab environment downloadarrow Unlimited Download
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Study Kit Includes

    Cisco Unified CCE - Lecture on Video
    Cisco Unified CCE 10.5 - Lab Resource Kit
    Cisco Unified CCE 10.5 - PDF Deployment Lab Guide

Lecture On Video

    Chapter 1 Introduction to UCCE  and CVP Bootcamp.
    Chapter 2 Unified CCE Deployment Models.
    Chapter 3 Introduction UCCE Component PSTN & Voice Gateways.
    Chapter 4 Introduction UCCE Component - Unified CM & IP Agent Phone.
    Chapter 5 UCCE Component Overview.
    Chapter 6 UCCE Component - Overview of Database.
    Chapter 7 UCCE Component - Central Controller.
    Chapter 8 UCCE - Administration & Data Server.
    Chapter 9 UCCE Component - Peripheral Gateway (PG).
    Chapter 10 UCCE Component - Routing Client.
    Chapter 11 UCCE Component - Agent Desk Settings & VRU.
    Chapter 12 UCCE Skill Target Sub System.
    Chapter 13 UCCE Call Routing.
    Chapter 14 UCCE Call Routing Pre Routing Call Flow.
    Chapter 15 UCCE Call Routing Post Route from CUCM Call Flow.
    Chapter 16 UCCE Scripts Editor & Basic Scripting.
    Chapter 17 UCCE Basic Scripting with External Database.
    Chapter 18 UCCE Basic Scripting with Call Variables.
    Chapter 19 UCCE Basic Administrative Scripts

Cisco Unified CCE 10.5 - Simplex Deploment Lab Kit (V10.5)

    Lab 1 - Standard - UCCE 10.5 - Preparing Windows 2008 R2 64bit Server For UCCE Component
    Lab 2 - Standard - UCCE 10.5 - Installing Microsoft SQL Server 2008 For UCCE Deployment
    Lab 3 - Standard - Preparing Microsoft Active Directory and Join Members to AD
    Lab 4 - Standard - Installing Cisco Unified CCE 10.5 Base Software
    Lab 5 - Standard - Getting Started with UCCE Tools and Services
    Lab 6 - Standard - Setting up Instance for Single or Multiple Customer
    Lab 7 - Standard - Deploying Cisco Unified CCE 10.5 - Router
    Lab 8 - Standard - Deploying Cisco Unified CCE 10.5 - Logger
    Lab 9 - Standard - Deploying Cisco Unified CCE 10.5 - Administration & Data
    Lab 10 - Standard - Deploying Peripheral Gateway (PG) for Cisco Unified CM
    Lab 11 - Standard - Deploying Peripheral Gateway (PG) for CVP
    Lab 12 - Standard - Deploying CTI Server & Cisco Finesse
    Lab 13 - Standard - Creating Agent & Skills Group
    Lab 14 - Standard - Call Type & Dialed Number (DN) & Router Log Viewer
    Lab 15 - Standard - Device Target - Add IP Phone as a Device Target
    Lab 16 - Standard - Create a Basic UCCE Script to route calls to a IP Phone
    Lab 17 - Standard - Enable Expended Call Context Variable & Create Customized Variable
    Lab 18 - Standard - Configuring CVP Server as an IP IVR for UCCE
    Lab 19 - Standard - Configure Voice XML Gateway & Media Server for CVP & UCCE
    Lab 20 - Standard  - Creating Network VRU Scripts for Cisco UCCE Scripting
    Lab 21 - Standard - Creating Network VRU Scripts for Cisco UCCE Scripting
    Lab 22 - Standard - Cisco Finesse - Agent Desktop - Screen Pop
    Lab 23 - Standard - Configuring Agent Reason Code in Finesse
    Lab 24 - Standard - Managing Team Resource in Cisco Finesse
    Lab 25 - Standard - How to manage Database
    Lab 26 - Standard - System CLI
    Lab 27 - Standard - How to use Diagnostic Framework Portico to troublehsoot
    Lab 28 - Standard - Basic Troubleshooting - Task - Agent Label Not Define
    Lab 29 - Standard - Basic Troubleshooting - Task - CVP Unable to Route Calls
    Lab 30 - Standard - Basic Troubleshooting - VXML Gateway Not Matching Dial Peer

    *Terms and Conditions:

      Only Support Windows XP, 7, 200x Platform
      We do not support VMware/mac/iPhone or android
      **New promotion only for new purchase or new client
      Promotion does not and can not be applied to existing or previous promotion
      Pre-order deal ETA Date subject to change without further notice.
      Files are encrypted and played by HUPlayer from

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