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Voicebootcamp's Cisco Advanced UCCX Scripting Self Study kit is our upcoming kit design to help you write basic to advanced scripting.  Thise kit is design for someone with basic knowledge of Cisco UCCX and Cisco Unified CM.   You will learn how to write basic step by step lab and gradually move into more advanced database aware application.  Each lab will be tested and verified to ensure it works before you move onto next lab.  These labs come with PDF as well as Video based solutions.


downloadarrow Step by Step Video Lectures & Lab Guide downloadarrow PDF Lab Guide & Video Lab Solutions
downloadarrow Video Solutions with Live Lab Demonstration downloadarrow Enhance your Troubleshooting SKILLS
downloadarrow Design to help you with your day to day job downloadarrow Unlimited Download
downloadarrow Learn New Advanced Skills Such as WALLBoard, Database store procedure downloadarrow Unlimited Updates for Free for the LIFE of the product

Try Free Lessons Below


  •   Cisco UCCX Advanced Scripting Lecture on Video (Completed)
  •   Cisco UCCX Advanced Scripting PDF Lab Guide (under development ETA March 30 2017)
  •   Cisco UCCX Scripting Video Lab Kit (Under development ETA March 30 2017) - Delayed


  •   Chapter 1 - Overview of Cisco Unified CCX Script Editor
  •   Chapter 2 - Basic Cisco Unified CCX Scripting
  •   Chapter 3 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting Variable
  •   Chapter 4 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting General Steps
  •   Chapter 5 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting Session Steps
  •   Chapter 6 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting Contact Steps
  •   Chapter 7 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting Trigger Steps
  •   Chapter 8 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting Call Contact Steps
  •   Chapter 9 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting eMail and Http Steps
  •   Chapter 10 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting Document Steps
  •   Chapter 11 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting Media Steps
  •   Chapter 12 Making Decission and Loop and Counter in UCCX Scripting
  •   Chapter 13 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting User Steps
  •   Chapter 14 Configuring UCCX For External Databases
  •   Chapter 15 - Debugging a Script

Following chapters are coming soon...

  •   Cisco Unified CCX Scripting String Method
  •   Cisco Unified CCX Scripting ACD Steps
  •   Creating a Java Jar File
  •   Cisco Unified CCX Scripting ICM & Java Steps

*Terms and Conditions:

  •   Only Support Windows XP, 7, 200x Platform
  •   We do not support VMware/mac/iPhone or android
  •   **New promotion only for new purchase or new client
  •   Promotion does not and can not be applied to existing or previous promotion
  •   Pre-order deal ETA Date subject to change without further notice.
  •   Files are encrypted and played by HUPlayer from www.drm-x.com 



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