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Cisco Unified CVP 9.0 Self Study Kit


World's First Cisco Unified CVP 9.0 Self Study Kit, design to help any one with basic Cisco Unified Communication knowledge to learn, deploy and configure Cisco CVP 9.0 Platform.   Cisco Unified CVP 9.0 Lecture on Video will give you the concept you need to understand what and how Cisco Unified CVP 9.0 Operates and how its component interact with each other.   Chapters are divided into smaller section to help you understand the topic with lab demonstration.  Our self study kit was designed to help you get a CVP solution running in no time.  Cisco Unified CVP 9.0 Lab Guide is a PDF file that contains step by step instructions on how to configure these labs.  This is the file you will use to do your own practice. 

Most Comprehensive Self Study Kit

What is included

  •   Cisco Unified CVP 9.0 Lecture on Video
  •   Cisco Unified CVP 9.0 Lab Guide (PDF)
  •   100 Hours of Cisco Unified CVP Rack Rental

Price $599 USD



Table of content - Cisco Unified CVP 9.0

  •   Module 1 Chapter 1 - Overview of CVP
  •   Module 1 Chapter 2 - Overview of CVP Native Component
  •   Module 1 Chapter 3 Overview of Non-Native Component of CVP
  •   Module 1 Chapter 4 CVP Geographic Deployment
  •   Module 1 Chapter 5 Installation and Configuration
  •   Module 1 Chapter 6 Getting Started Using Operation Console
  •   Module 2 Chapter 1 Deployment Models and Call Flows
  •   Module 2 Chapter 2 CVP Call Flow - Standalone Model
  •   Module 2 Chapter 3 CVP Call Flow - Call Director Call Flow
  •   Module 2 Chapter 4 CVP Call Flow VRU only
  •   Module 2 Chapter 5 CVP Call Flow - Comprehensive Call Flow
  •   Module 3 Chapter 1 - CVP Call Server Overview and Configuration
  •   Module 3 Chapter 2 - CVP VXML Server Overview and Configuration
  •   Module 3 Chapter 3 - CVP Reporting Server Overview and Configuration
  •   Module 3 Chapter 4 - CVP Non-Native Components Overview and Configuration
  •   Module 4 Chapter 1 - Configuring Cisco Unified ICM Enterprise
  •   Module 4 Chapter 2 - Introduction to Cisco Unified CVP and ICM Scripting
  •   Module 4 Chapter 3 - Implementing Cisco Unified ICM Enterprise Scripting Microapplications

Product F.A.Q

  •   All Updates are free
  •   Video/PDF files can only be played using HUPlayer & Our PDF Reader
  •   There is no time limit therefore product does not expire
  •   Require Windows XP, 7, 8+ OS
  •   License is only for 2 PC
  •   Does not support MAC/iPhone/Android
  •   Water mark can not be removed



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