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Advanced Cisco UCCE Bootcamp

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10 Days Advanced Cisco UCCE

Deployment | Administration | Adv Scripting | Troubleshooting

This course is designed to cover installation, deployment, integration of Cisco UCCE solutions with CVP. Follow day to day administration and troubleshooting. At the end, we will focus on creating Advanced Cisco UCCE Scripts for real-world application. Each student will have their own dedicated duplex POD.

Course Fee For 10 Days Bootcamp

  • Regular Course Fee: $7,995 US
  • Promotion- $5,495 US (You Save $3,500) - Limited Time

All-In-One Cisco UCCE with CVP Bootcamp

Courses included: (click Individual course for regular schedules)

What Is Included?

  • 10 Days Instructor-Led Classroom Training
  • Join - Online or In Classroom Your Choice (via webex)
  • 80 Hours of Cisco UCCE Lab Access After the training
  • Complete Cisco UCCE Study Kits for further self-study
  • Free Retake for 1 year - online or on-site
  • Dedicated POD for each student - up to 15 Servers
  • Visual Voice Browser Included
  • Full Duplex Deployment


  • Number of Students - 8 (10 Max)
  • Equipment - Remotely Access via VPN
  • Student Equipment - Laptop
  • Lab Assignment - Dedicated Per Student


  • CICD - Implementing Cisco Collaborative Devices
  • CIVND2 – Implementing Cisco Video Network Devices, Part 2 v1.0
  • CCNP Collaboration Level Knowledge
  • 4+ years of experience in Cisco Networking


  • Network professionals who install, configure, and manage Cisco collaboration solutions
  • Network Engineer
  • System Engineer

Course Outline

Day to Day Agenda (can be changed and/or customized)

Day 1-2 - Deployment & Integration

Overview of Deployment, Installation and Integration of Cisco UCCE Components, CVP, Finesse, and Unified CM. 
Overview of Call Flow
Deploying VVB and CUIC Reporting Server
Day 3 – 4 Administration of Cisco UCCE Solutions

Manage Agents and Skills Group
Manage Network VRU Scripts
Managing Agent Phone and Devices
User Account Management
Configuring Outbound Campaign
Configure RONA
Configure Agent to Agent Transfer
Administer UCCE Scripts
Manage Team and Supervisors
Manage deleted and/or unused objects
Managing CTI Components 
Integrate database with Cisco UCCE
Configure Precious Routing
Managing Variables
Courtesy CallBack
Mobile Agent
Integrate CUIC Report Template and Generate/Import report
Integration Cisco Expert Module
Create custom report
Manage and Administer Cisco UCCE Database
Truncate, increase database
Configure and manage agent wrap up time and queue time
Basic Call Handling between UCCE and Cisco Unified CM
Configure Visual Voice Browser to support IVR Application
Administer Desktop Layout using Finesse
Manage Reason Code, Wrappup Time, 
Administer Agent Greeting and Whisper Announcement
Administer CVP to support VXML and Call Server
Customized SIP Protocol in Cisco Unified CVP
Install and configure basic CVP Scripts and ICM Scripts using CallStudio

Day 5 to 9.5 - Advanced Scripting

Introduction To Script Editor
Create A Basic Script
Categorize Call Based On Call Type
Route Calls To Different Script Using Call Type Prefix
Categorizing Calls Based On Time Of Day And Day Of The Week
Executing Different Script Using CallType
Executing Different Script Using Gotoscript
Allocate Percentage Of Calls To Different Script
Routing Calls To Agents Directly
Routing Calls To Agents Via Skills Group
Routing Calls To Agents From Different Skills Group Across Multiple Cluster
Routing Calls To Agents In Round Robin Fashion Across Multiple Skills Group
Route A Calls To Listen To Announcement
Route Calls Based On Schedule Target To Such As Follow The Sun
Routing Calls Using Standard Targeting Rule
Routing Calls Using Custom Conditional Rule
Transferring Calls From Agent To Agent
Distributing Contacts Using One Node
Rerouting Calls Due To Transit Failure Such Agent Available But Not Reachable
Sending A Calls To IP IVR And Listen To Welcome Prompt
Sending Calls To VRU Using Translation Route

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