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Cisco UCCX Advanced Scripting Training

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Cisco UCCX Training - Advanced Scripting

Learn to Develop Advanced UCCX Scripts Step by Step

In this course, the candidate will learn how to write basic to advanced scripting. Candidate will learn most advanced scripting technologies and techniques such as custom queue logic using Get Reporting Statistic steps, custom Select Resource Step logic including custom queue design, as well as VM in Queue, Scheduled Callback scenario's, and XML Web Service consumption using Get HTTP Document steps. A brief summary of the CRS Script Editor steps covered is listed below. Candidate will learn to deploy script from the real-world scenario, from database setup, sub-flow, XML etc.

What is Included?

  • 5 Days Instructor Led Training In Class or Online Access
  • 200 Hours of Lab Access For Continue Practice
  • Free Retake for up to 2 years
  • Full Cisco UCCX Advanced Scripting Study Kits (value of $899 US for free)
  • 24/7 Access during lab
  • Email & Online Support
  • Take Class Online if unable to attend lectures

Course Information

  • Code : 1024-08
  • Course Fee: $3,495 USD*
  • Number of Days: 5 Days
  • Cisco Learning Credit: Not Accepted
  • Language: English


  • CICD - Implementing Cisco Collaborative Devices
  • CIVND2 – Implementing Cisco Video Network Devices, Part 2 v1.0
  • CCNP Collaboration Level Knowledge
  • 4+ years of experience in Cisco Networking
  • Cisco UCCX Deployment Experience


  • Network professionals who install, configure, and manage Cisco collaboration solutions
  • Network Engineer
  • System Engineer

Course Outline

  • Chapter 1 - Overview Of Cisco Unified CCX Script Editor
  • Chapter 2 - Basic Cisco Unified CCX Scripting
  • Chapter 3 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting Variable
  • Chapter 4 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting General Steps
  • Chapter 5 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting Trigger Session & Contact Steps
  • Chapter 6 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting Call Contact Steps
  • Chapter 7 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting EMail & Http Steps
  • Chapter 8 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting HTTP Steps
  • Chapter 9 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting Media, Menu And Digit Collection
  • Chapter 10 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting User Steps
  • Chapter 11 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting Prompts And Grammer
  • Chapter 12 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting Document Steps
  • Chapter 13 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting Database Steps
  • Chapter 14 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting ACD & ICM Steps
  • Chapter 15 - Making Decission And Loop And Counter In UCCX Scripting
  • Chapter 16 - Debugging A Script
  • Chapter 17 - Advanced Cisco Unified CCX Scripting Configuration
  • Chapter 18 - Creating A Advanced Menu Driven Application
  • Chapter 19 - Creating A Holiday Application
  • Chapter 20 - Creating Scripts For Help Desk Ticket Submission
  • Chapter 21 - Configure Advanced Script For Consultive Transfer
  • Chapter 22 - Creating Scripts For Agent Logged Check In
  • Chapter 23 - Creating Agent Greeting Upload
  • Chapter 24 - Creating Script For Web Call Back & Queueing
  • Chapter 25 - Create A Database Enable UCCX Scripting Based On Client Account Number
  • Chapter 20 - Creating HTTP CallBack & Queing Scripts
  • Chapter 21 - Create Scripts To Check Position In The Queue
  • Chapter 22 - Create Scripts To Check How Many Calls A Head Of The Existing Call

Lab Outline

  • Creating Basic Scripts With Time Of Day Routing
  • Script To Collect Digit And Make Decision
  • Ceating A Basic Script With XML Files
  • Creating Scripts To Check Holiday
  • Creating Menu Driven Application
  • Creating Scripts To Change Language
  • String Manipulation To Extract Digits
  • Create A Script To Select CSQ Based On Area Code Or State Code
  • Selecting CSQ Based On Area Or State Code
  • Authenticate User Based On PIN And Allow To Dial Number
  • Prompt Management APP With XML Authentication


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