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Self Study Kit: Cisco UCCX Advanced Scripting Study Kit

Cisco UCCX Advanced Scripting Study Kit

Learn to develop real-world Cisco UCCX Advanced Scripts. Step by step instruction to help you develop real-world scripts used by many call center.
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World's First Cisco Unified CCX Self-Study Kit, design to help anyone with basic Cisco Unified Communication knowledge to learn, deploy and configure Cisco UCCX Platform. Cisco Unified CCX Lecture on Video will give you the concept you need to understand what and how Cisco Unified CCX Operates and how its component interacts with each other. 

Learn to develop UCCX Scripts from ground zero real-world world application. This study kit is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to build full scripts. Start with a lecture on video to cover the fundamentals than follow by creating small mini scripts. Then try our full real-world application step by step

What is Included 

  • Cisco Unified CCX Scripts - Lecture on Video - 30 Videos
  • Cisco Unified CCX Scripts - PDF Lab Guide
  • Cisco Unified CCX Scripts - Scripts in aef format ready to go

Study Kit Outline 

Advanced UCCX Scripting Outline

  • Chapter 1 - Overview of Cisco Unified CCX Script Editor
  • Chapter 2 - Basic Cisco Unified CCX Scripting
  • Chapter 3 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting Variable
  • Chapter 4 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting General Steps
  • Chapter 5 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting Session Steps
  • Chapter 6 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting Contact Steps
  • Chapter 7 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting Trigger Steps
  • Chapter 8 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting Call Contact Steps
  • Chapter 9 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting eMail and Http Steps
  • Chapter 10 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting Document Steps
  • Chapter 11 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting Media Steps
  • Chapter 12 - Making Decision and Loop and Counter in UCCX Scripting
  • Chapter 13 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting User Steps
  • Chapter 14 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting Prompt Steps
  • Chapter 15 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting ACD Steps
  • Chapter 16 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting ICM & Java Steps
  • Chapter 17 - Configuring UCCX For External Databases
  • Chapter 18 - Creating a Java Jar File
  • Chapter 19 - Cisco Unified CCX Scripting String Method
  • Chapter 20 - Debugging a Script
  • Chapter 21 - Creating Scripts Based on ToD
  • Chapter 22 - Creating Script to read XML Files
  • Chapter 23 - Creating Scripts To Check for Holiday
  • Chapter 24 - Creating Menu Driven Application
  • Chapter 25 - Creating Scripts to Change Language
  • Chapter 26 - String Manipulation To Extract Digits
  • Chapter 27 - Selecting CSQ Based on Area or State Code
  • Chapter 28 - Authenticate a user based on PIN and allow to dial number
  • Chapter 29 - Announce Position in Queue with Language Selection
  • Chapter 30 - Prompt Management APP with XML Authentication

Terms & Conditions

  • Only Support Windows & MAC Platform
  • We do not support VMware/iPhone or Android
  • If Free course is offered, it is only delivered on confirmed scheduled or online
  • **New promotion only for a new purchase or new client
  • Promotion does not and can not be applied to the existing or previous promotion
  • Pre-order deal ETA Date subject to change without further notice.
  • Files are encrypted.  Must install XVast Player from www.xvast.com
  • LIcensed to only 2 PC.   
  • PC IP Address or Machine ID will be locked to one username.  
  • VoiceBootcamp reserve the rights to review client's login details to ensure video files are not shared.


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