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Cisco Expressway Training

Course Overview

In this course, you will learn to deploy Cisco Expressway Solutions with Cisco Unified CM and Jabber.  The candidate will deploy Expressway C and Expressway E.  Candidate will be able to deploy Cisco Jabber client and register from outside to inside corporation without the need of VPN.   This course will help the candidate gain skills in Cisco Collaboration Edge Solutions.

Course Information

Course Fee: $3,995

  • 5 Days Instructor-led Training
  • 200 Hours of Lab Access after Training
  • Free Retake Upto 2 Until You Pass
  • Study Materials Included
  • Can't Travel? Attend Online or Onsite
  • 3 or More? We can come to your location, anywhere in the world


  • Course Agenda

    Module 1: Cisco Collaboration Solution Release 11.6 Update

    Lesson 1: Cisco Collaboration Architecture EvolutionCollaboration Infrastructure Evolution

    • Collaboration Architecture Evolution Considerations
    • DNS Considerations
    • URI Dialling
    • Securing your Deployment
    • Business to Business: Open and Closed Video Federations
    • Mobile and Remote Access and Jabber Guest
    • External XMPP Federations
    • Cisco Cloud Solutions
    • Collaboration Edge Implementation

    Lesson 2: Describing Cisco Expressway Series Deployment OptionsCisco VCS and Expressway Series Overview

    • Cisco VCS and Expressway Series Deployment Options
    • Cisco Expressway Series Platforms, Licenses, and Features
    • Cisco VCS and Cisco Expressway Feature Comparison
    • Unsupported Expressway Features and Limitations
    • Cisco Expressway Clustering
    • Cisco Expressway Series Initial Configuration

    Module 2: Collaboration Edge Deployment Considerations

    Lesson 1: Internal and External DNS ConfigurationServer Naming Considerations

    • DNS SRV Records
    • DNS for Collaboration Edge Considerations
    • Cisco SRV Records for Business to Business
    • Cisco Jabber and Mobile and Remote Access Service Discovery
    • Cisco SRV Records for the Cisco Cloud
    • Troubleshoot DNS SRV Entries
    • Lab 1: Server Naming and DNS Configuration

    Module 3: Certificates and Security for Expressway

    Lesson 1: Certificates for Expressway DeploymentsCryptographic Services supported by Certificates in a Cisco Collaboration deployment

    • Certificates for Cisco Expressway
    • Certificates for Communications Outside of the Enterprise
      Certificates Servers need to Trust

    Lesson 2: Working with Certificates in a Cisco Collaboration Environment

    • Certificate Encodings and ExtensionsCertificate Chains and Bundles
      Trust Stores
    • Cisco Expressway
    • Inventory Certificates
    • Generate Certificate Signing Requests
    • Upload Certificates
    • Lab 2: Certificate Deployment for Expressway

    Module 4: Collaboration Edge Deployment

    Lesson 1: Cisco Expressway Call HandlingCisco Expressway Zones

    • Bandwidth Management
    • Pattern Matching and Regular Expressions
    • Cisco Expressway Dial Plan Components
    • Transforms
    • Administrative Policy
    • Protocol Matching
    • Search Rules
    • Lab 3: Cisco Expressway Call Handling

    Lesson 2: Business to Business CommunicationsOpen vs. Closed Video Federations

    • Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Expressway Interconnection
    • Traversal Zones for Business to Business Communication
    • DNS and Default Zones for Business to Business Communication
    • Dial Plan for Closed Video Federations
    • Security for Closed Video Federations
    • Dial Plan for Open Video Federations
    • Security for Open Video Federations
    • Lab 4: Deploy Nonsecure Open Video Federation
    • Lab 5: Deploy Secure Closed Video Federation

    Lesson 3: Implementing Unified Communications Mobile and Remote Access

    • Unified Communications Mobile and Remote Access Overview
    • Unified Communications Mobile and Remote Access Components
    • Unified Communications Mobile and Remote Access Operations
    • Unified Communications Mobile and Remote Access Configuration Procedure
    • Lab 6: Implementing Mobile and Remote Access via Cisco Expressway with Single Domain and with Multiple Domains

    Lesson 4: Cisco Spark Hybrid ServicesCisco Spark Overview

    • Cisco Spark Hybrid Services
    • Cisco Spark Hybrid Services Connectors
    • Deploying Cisco Spark Hybrid Services
    • Lab 7: Spark Considerations for Expressway

Lab Outline

  • Guided Lab 1: Explaining Regular Expressions in a Cisco Expressway Environment

    Guided Lab 2: Deploying Components of Cisco Expressway Security

    Guided Lab 3: Exploring the Fundamentals of Subzones on a Cisco Expressway

    Guided Lab 4: Implementing Subzone Bandwidth Management on a Cisco Expressway

    Guided Lab 5: Implementing Zones on a Cisco Expressway

    Guided Lab 6: Applying Troubleshooting on the Cisco Expressway

    Guided Lab 7: Exploring Cisco Meeting Server API Configuration

    Guided Lab 8: Exploring Cisco Meeting Server Resilient and Scalable Deployments

    Guided Lab 9: Deploying the Cisco TelePresence Server and Cisco TelePresence Conductor

    Guided Lab 10: Applying Troubleshooting to Cisco CMR Premises Solutions

    Guided Lab 11: Describing Cisco TMS Operation

    Guided Lab 12: Explaining Cisco TMS Conference Scheduling and Management

    Guided Lab 13: Configuring Permissions on Cisco TMS for Administration


  • Working knowledge of fundamental terms and concepts of computer networking, including LANs, WANs, and IP switching and routing 
  • Basic knowledge of CUCM
  • Basic knowledge of contact center operations 
  • Familiarity with Microsoft desktop applications and SQL database operations

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