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Cisco Meeting Server Intermediate & Advanced

Course Overview - COLLAB250 & 350

In this course, you will learn how to install, troubleshoot, and maintain a single server and single server split deployment of Cisco Meeting Servers This course is designed to establish a minimum level of knowledge and competency among Cisco Meeting Server resale and installation partners.

you will learn advanced techniques in installing, troubleshooting, and maintaining a single server and single server split deployment of Cisco Meeting Servers.


Course Information

Course Fee: Starts from $3,495 - $4,495 USD
  • 5 Days Instructor-led Training
  • 200 Hours of Lab Access after Training
  • Free Retake Upto 2 Until You Pass
  • Study Materials Included
  • Can't Travel? Attend Online or Onsite
  • 3 or More? We can come to your location, anywhere in the world
Cisco Video Infrastructure
Cisco Video Infrastructure

What You Will Learn?

  • Cisco Meeting Server API commands
  • Scalable and resilient deployments
  • Customization
  • Recording


1. Reviewing Cisco Meeting Server Intermediate

  • Component parts of a Cisco Meeting Solution
  • Configuration steps for a Cisco Meeting Solution

2. APIs

  • Purpose of APIs
  • Benefits of APIs
  • Types of APIs
  • Function of the GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE commands

3. Configuring Software with an API

  • How a user can interact with software using an API
  • Download and install Chrome Postman
  • Other API software
  • Download the Cisco Meeting Server API guide

4. Configuring Spaces with the Cisco Meeting Server API

  • Cisco Meeting Server API structure
  • Use Chrome Postman for information on calls and spaces with the GET command
  • Use Chrome Postman to post a new call space with the POST command
  • Use Chrome Postman to place changes in a space, including adding a member, with the PUT command
  • Use Chrome Postman to delete a space with the DELETE command

5. Customization Configuration

  • Create and modify a user profile and assign users 
    Create and modify a dual-tone multifrequency (DTMF) profile and apply to a user profile 
    Modify the interactive voice response (IVR), color scheme, and background

6. Planning a Resilient and Scalable Cisco Meeting Server Deployment

  • Resilient server solutions
  • Scalable server solutions
  • Geographically dispersed configurations and GeoDNS
  • Domain Name System (DNS) records required for a resilient and scalable solution
  • Certificate requirements for a resilient and scalable solution

7. Configuring a Database Cluster

  • Relationship between cluster master and cluster slaves in a database cluster
  • Certificate requirements for a secure database cluster
  • Configure the certificates for a database cluster
  • Configure a database cluster

8. Configuring a Call Bridge Cluster

  • Relationship between the Call Bridge and the Database
  • How cross-cluster spaces behave
  • Configure certificates for Call Bridge clustering
  • Storage of configuration when entering with the API and the individual web interfaces for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Call Bridge clustering
  • Configure a Call Bridge Cluster
  • Connect XMPP server to multiple Call Bridges

9. Configuring Load Balancers and Trunks

  • Relationship between the XMPP server, Trunk and Load Balancer
  • Configure certificates for multiple trunks and load balancers
  • Configure multiple Trunks to multiple Load Balancers

10. Configuring Multiple Web Bridges

  • Relationship between multiple Web Bridges and Call Bridges
  • Internal and external DNS records support for both internal and external Web Bridges
  • Configure certificates for multiple Web Bridges
  • Configure multiple Web bridges
  • Connect multiple Call Bridges to multiple Web Bridges

11. Configuring Multiple TURN Servers

  • Relationship between multiple TURN servers and multiple Call Bridges
  • Configure certificates for multiple TURN servers
  • Configure multiple TURN servers
  • Connect multiple Call Bridges to multiple TURN servers

12. Configuring Multiple Recorders

  • Features of the recording capability
  • Software, hardware, and licensing requirements for recording
  • DNS records
  • Configure the Recorder
  • Relationship between multiple Recorders and multiple Call Bridges
  • Configure a Call Bridge to use a Recorder
  • Configure certificates for multiple Recorders servers
  • Configure multiple Recorder servers
  • Connect multiple Call Bridges to multiple Recorder servers

13. Integrating with a Resilient and Scalable Cisco Meeting Server Deployment

  • Integration with Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server (VCS) or Cisco Unified Communications Manager and multiple Call Bridges
  • Integration with Cisco Expressway technology and multiple Call Bridges
  • Integration with Microsoft Skype for Business and multiple Call Bridges
  • Integration with Cisco TelePresence Management Suite and multiple Call Bridges

14. Deploying an H.323 Gateway

  • Cisco preferred architecture for H.323 and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) interoperability
  • Functionality of the Cisco Meeting Server H.323 gateway
  • Configuration the Cisco Meeting Server H.323 gateway

15. Multitenancy Options

  • Purpose of the multitenancy capabilities
  • Options for multitenancy capabilities on the Cisco Meeting Server

16. Customization Options

  • Options available to customize Cisco Meeting Apps
  • License keys required for customization
  • Web Server requirements for customization
  • Options available to customize recorded messaging
  • Customization options available for invitation text

Lab Outline

1. Cisco Meeting Server Single Server Solution

  • Cisco Meeting Server Solution
  • Reviewing Authentication and Encryption
  • Single Server Solution
  • Preparing for Cisco Meeting Server Installation
  • Installing Cisco Meeting Servers
  • Configuring the Web Admin
  • Configuring the Call Bridge
  • Configuring the Web Bridge

2. Troubleshooting Tools

  • Seven call detail record (CDR) record types and the information contained in each
  • Capture server configuration files (.json), crash log files, media and application .dmp files. Cisco Meeting App crash files, and Cisco Meeting App diagnostic logs 
    Employ the built-in commands to identify Cisco Meeting Server solution issues including PKI, DNS Lookup, Ping, and Service Status
  • Common issues for end users using the Cisco Meeting Server solution

3. Firewall Traversal and Unified Communications Application Integration

  • Deploying a TURN Server
  • Deploying Firewall and NAT Traversal
  • Integrating with UC Platforms

Lab 1: Single-Server Deployment

Lab 2: API Introduction

Lab 3: Customization

Lab 4: Database Cluster Configuration

Lab 5: Call Bridge Cluster Configuration

Lab 6: Multiple-Trunk and Load-Balancer Configuration

Lab 7: Multiple Web Bridge Configuration

Lab 8: Multiple TURN Server Configuration

Lab 9: Multiple Recorder Configuration

Lab10: Integrating with VCS and Microsoft Skype for Business in a Multiple Call Bridge Installation

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  • Working knowledge of fundamental terms and concepts of computer networking, including LANs, WANs, and IP switching and routing 
  • Basic knowledge of CUCM
  • Basic knowledge of contact center operations 
  • Familiarity with Microsoft desktop applications and SQL database operations

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