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Cisco UCCX Study Kits - Standard

World's First Cisco Unified CCX Self-Study Kit, design to help anyone with basic Cisco Unified Communication knowledge to learn, deploy and configure Cisco UCCX Platform. Cisco Unified CCX Lecture on Video will give you the concept you need to understand what and how Cisco Unified CCX Operates and how its component interacts with each other. 

Scripting Study Kits include step-by-step videos on how to create basic to advanced Cisco UCCX Call Flow using various advanced techniques such as REST API, Java Class, etc.  Database access along with XML File manipulation.

Troubleshooting Kit help you troubleshoot Cisco UCCX solutions, call flow, finesse logins and much more...

Cisco UCCX Study Kits - $699 USD
  • Cisco UCCX Deployment & Administration
  • Advanced Cisco UCCX Scripting Kit

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Cisco Collaboration & Contact Center Study Kits

Cisco UCCX Study Kits

$699 /year

  • Cisco UCCX Deployment & Administration
  • Advanced Cisco UCCX Scripting Kit
  • Troubleshooting Kit (coming soon)

Cisco WebEx Package

$1299 /year

  • Cisco WebEx Calling
  • Cisco WebEx Contact Center
  • Cisco WebEx Contact Center Enterprise

Cisco Contact Center Kit

$1499 /year

  • Cisco UCCX Self Study Kit
  • Cisco UCCE/PCCE Self Study Kit
  • Cisco CVP Call Studio Scripting
  • Cisco WebEx Contact Center (coming soon)
  • Cisco WebEx Contact Center Enterprise


$1899 /year

  • CCNP Collaboration Kit
  • CCIE Collaboration Kit
  • Cisco UCCX Study Kit
  • Cisco UCCE/PCCE Kit
  • Cisco CVP Call Studio
  • Cisco WebEx Calling (coming soon)
  • Cisco WebEx CC Enterprise
  • Amazon AWS Connect Kit
  • Google DialogFlow ES (coming soon)
  • & More...

Content Outline

  • Cisco UCCX Deployment & Administration
    • Chapter 1 - Introduction to Cisco UCCX Solutions Module 1.0
    • Chapter 2 - Introduction to Cisco UCCX Module 1.1 - Design and Plan
    • Chapter 3 - Introduction to Cisco UCCX Module 1.2 - Design Consideration
    • Chapter 4 - Introduction to Cisco UCCX Module 1.3 - Understand Call Flow
    • Chapter 5 - Installation of UCCX using Prime Collaboration
    • Chapter 6 - Initialization of Cisco UCCX Cluster with CUCM
    • Chapter 7 - Managing Cisco UCCX Application Server
    • Chapter 8 - Managing and Configuring RmCM Subsystem
    • Chapter 9 - Managing HTTP Trigger in Cisco UCCX
    • Chapter 10 - Overview of Cisco Finesse for Agent and Supervisor
    • Chapter 11 - Creating Basic Cisco UCCX Scripts
    • Chapter 12 - Creating Scripts to collect prompt and menu
    • Chapter 13 - Creating Loop and Decission Making script
    • Chapter 14 - Creating Database Scripts in Cisco UCCX
    • Chapter 15 - Overview of Cisco SocialMiner Integration with Cisco UCCX
    • Chapter 16 - Overview of Outbound dialing in Cisco UCCX
    • Chapter 17 - Configuring Reporting Serve for Cisco UCCX
    • Chapter 18 - Basic Cisco UCCX Call Flow
    • Chapter 19 - Overview of Cisco UCCX Script Debuging
    • Chapter 20 - Overview of Cisco UCCX Administrative Tools
  • Advanced Cisco UCCX Scripting Kit

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