Amazon AWS Certificate Training

Toronto - Canada

Weekend or Weeknight Class

Job Assistance with Experience included

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Why Train with us?

International Brand & Reputation. 18+ yrs Experience

We operate worldwide.  Clients from all over the world trusted us in delivering high-quality training. 

Some of our clients - US Navy, Army, AT&T, Etisalat Dubai, Bell Canada, Toronto Hydro & more

Our Own Study Materials

We are the only institute in Canada with our own Self Study Kit materials for Cisco and Amazon AWS Cloud.  We sell these study kits all over the world from $899 to $1899. 

We specialized in what we do.

Inhouse - Internship for Job Experience

We provide you with an in-house internship with job experience.  You get to work with us on a real-world scenario and projects that we use to deliver to our international client

Repeat For FREE upto 2 Years

You can not become an expert or master in just one seating.  We at VoiceBootcamp understand this.  This is why we allow you to re-take the class as many times you want up to 2 years to ensure you master the topic.