Cisco CVP Training - Cisco Voice Portal Developer

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The CVPD is a five days instructor-led training course that gives you extensive hands on experience on developing, debugging and deploying self-service IVR application using the CVP Call Studio and CVP VXML Server. The course starts by giving you concrete practical knowledge on using VoiceXML to build IVR Applications. it will be followed by understanding how to architect and build complex Modularized Application using call studio features. In Addition, you'll learn how to extend out-of-the-box capabilities to cover any complex business case you have.

Course Information

  • Course Fee:          $3,495 USD
  • Course Length:       5 Days - Lang: English
  • Course Duration:    9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
  • Delivery Method:    Instructor-led Classroom or Remote/WebEx
  • Cisco Learning Credit - Not Accepted

What is included?

  • 5 Days Instructor-led Training
  • Attend In Classroom or Remote
  • Study kits included
  • Free retake the class upto  2 years
Location: Las Vegas, USA | Toronto - Canada | Dubai, UAE | Online via Webex
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What You Will Learn?

  • Explain the components, function, and call flow of a Cisco Unified CVP solution when it is deployed in either a standalone or comprehensive model
  • Configure a functional Cisco Unified CVP comprehensive deployment model with Cisco Unified ICM Enterprise
  • Demonstrate the use of the six Cisco Unified CCE microapplications that are available to support caller interaction with Cisco Unified CVP
  • Describe Voice Extensible Markup Language (VXML) as a technology and describe the benefits that it provides to Cisco Unified CVP; install and configure the Cisco Unified CVP VXML solution for Cisco Unified CVP
  • Execute the steps that are required to configure a Cisco Unified CVP environment to provide historical data and to configure and use the diagnostic features and tools to ensure end-to-end serviceability
  • Design a Cisco Unified CVP solution that is designed for failover protection and high availability and use the recommended troubleshooting techniques to isolate and correct system failures

Course Outline

Overview Of CVP

  • What is CVP?
  • CVP Architecture overview
  • Introducing Cisco Unified Call Studio
  • Explaining Under the hood runtime plugins
  • Using Builder perspective for Creating and Managing Projects
  • Debugging Application Using Call Studio Debugger
  • Configuring Application Logs for Troubleshooting

Deep Dive in VoiceXML

  • Understanding VoiceXML document framework
  • Dialog Interaction Using Forms and Menus
  • Understanding Prompts and Grammars
  • Understanding Application Root document
  • Transitioning between multiple VoiceXML documents
  • VoiceXML properties and Variables
  • VoiceXML Scripting Elements and Subdialogs
  • Events and Links

Building Blocks: Designing Basic Application

Modular Application Design

  •  Application Transfer
  • Call Studio Subdialogs
  • Call Subflows

Understanding CVP OpenSDK

  • Element Definition
  • Debugging Application Using Call Studio Debugger
  • Levels of Customization

Unified CVP Configurable Elements

  • Voice Elements
  • Actions Elements
  • Decision Elements

Working with Variables

  • Session data
  • Element data

Advanced Application Design

  • Multi-Language Application Design
  • User Management System Integration
  • Database Integration (Database Element)
  • SOAP-Based Web Service Integration (Web Service Element)
  • JavaScript Utilities
  • Rest-Based Web Service Integration (Rest_Client Element)
  • Sending Email (Email Element)
  • FTP Integration (FTP_Client)
  • Recording Messages
  • Events Handling
  • Introducing Context Service Integration

Unified CVP Programming API

  • Session API
  • Application Start Classes
  • Application End Classes
  • Call Start Action
  • Call End Action
  • On Error Notification
  • Voice Foundation Classes
  • Hotevents

Extending Elements

  • Dynamic Element Configurations
  • Custom Configurable Components
  • Configurable Action and Decision Elements
  • Configurable Voice Elements
  • Say It Smart Plug-ins
  • Compilation and Deployment

ICM Integration

  • Sending/Receiving Data between VXML Server and ICM
  • Introducing Call Studio scripts used for Courtesy Callback

Lab Outline

  • Coming soon...


  • Basic computer literacy
  • Basic PC operating system navigation skills
  • Basic Internet usage skills
  • Basic address knowledge

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