10 Days Advanced Cisco UCCE Training - All In One Cisco UCCE Bootcamp

This specialized 10 Day Cisco UCCE Advanced training is designed to cover 3 different Cisco UCE Courses in one complete hands-on training package.   This course not only a great way to learn all topic that is needed to successfully deploy the Cisco UCCE but also saves tons of money. Each course is designed to focus on a particular area of administration/configurations.   Each course is 5 days instructor-led or 10 days of bootcamp style training.  The candidate will have dedicated lab access to the real-world scenario-based lab.  These labs are based on consulting work conducted by VoiceBootcamp for various clients around the world.  Whether you are a beginner or advanced, we got you covered.  

Following 3 Courses are included:

  • Course Fee:          Classroom $4,495
  • Course Length:      10 Day - Lang: English
  • Course Duration:    9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
  • Delivery Method:    Instructor-led Classroom or Remote/WebEx
  • Cisco Learning Credit - Not Accepted

What is included:

  • 10 Days Instructor-led Live Onsite or Online Training
  • Dedicated UCCE POD - 10 to 15 servers
  • Free Retake of the class up to 2 years
  • 200 Hours of Cisco UCCE Lab Rental
  • 175+ Video Labs and lecture included.
  • Free Update & Downloads

Cisco UCCE Lecture & Demo


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