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Triple Course Package

Reduce your training cost for the next 3 years.  Take any 3-courses for one low price.  2 people can share the courses.  Valid for 3 years.  The perfect package to increase your skills and productivity and stay competitive.  


  • Reduce your training cost for the next 3 years. 
  • Increase your skills and improve productivity. 
  • Save over $2,499+ - total training budget. 
  • Attend Online to Save Money & travel time
  • Share the cost between 2 people. 
    • One person can take 2 courses while 2nd person can take one
  • Take all 3 courses online & get access to the Platinum e-Learning Package (value of $3,499 for FREE)
Course fee $5,495 

Take 3 Courses for $5,495 - Valid for 3 Years

Terms & Conditions

  • Must take all 3 courses within 3 years from date of registration
  • Only 5 Day Courses allowed.  (10 day bootcamp are not included)
  • 1/3 course allowed on-site location. 2/3 must be taken online
  • All courses are instructor-led training with dedicated lab except WebEx CC
  • Can share among 2 colleagues or friends.
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